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How Much Does Good SEO Cost For a Highly Sort After Keywords

I've recently been asked to give a quote to do SEO for a site selling health insurance. I was not given any other prerequisites just how much would SEO cost. Quoting for SEO is a little like quoting to build a house, it all depends on what the outcome the clients wants. Do they want a small 1 bedroom apartment or a 30 bedroom estate home with all the trimmings. The biggest factor is competition. Health Insurance has a lot of websites and businesses all trying to get a cut of the pie, many of the websites have been around for years for have seniority over a new site in Googles eyes anyway.
But ranking on Google on the first page can be done, if a client has the money to invest in it, of course it can be done. I would even go onto say that they could rank in first place of a Google search result, knocking Blue Shield CA out of first place, for health insurance; I could do that, if and only if, I had the resources, but even then I still can't give an accurate quote. The big question is what keywords you want first page or first place. Most business have little idea which keywords are best, or the ones they do think would be worthwhile, in fact aren't.
But lets say for this example "Health Insurance California". The first step is to do that exact search and research who's ranking on the first page now for that term. Also look at the sites that are using pay per click, and find out what they are paying for adwords. Then look at the various ways of doing that search, "California Health Insurance" "Health Insurance California Family" Health Insurance California single person" "Health Insurance California self employed" the list goes on.
There are some big company names on the first page of Google, and pay per click business are paying between $250 and $3.4k for advertising a DAY. Average price for a click is $6.34. Round that off to $6 for easy figuring. Realistically if you are looking at even t

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